How to export full domain list from Namecheap

Posted: Oct 2, 2020

Namecheap is a pretty good registrar but they redesigned their domain interface and bizarrely omitted the ability to export even a simple list of all the domains you own. You can open a support ticket and they can get you a list in a matter of hours, but what if you want it know?

  1. Log in and go to the "View all Domains" page -
  2. Change the "25" to "All Items" in the drop box in the upper right
  3. Open the Dev Tools console and paste the following in the console and hit enter:
    s = ''; jQuery(".domain-name p[title]").each(function(i,x) { s+=x['title']+"\n"}); copy(s)
  4. Your list of domains is now copied to your clipboard. Paste it into a new text file or wherever you like.